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Business Name Glenmornan Composites Limited
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Contact Name Mary Summers
Website URL
Email info(at)
Telephone 02032913934
Cell phone 02032913934
Office Address
Street Address 207 Waterloo Road
City / Town London
ZIP / Post Code SE1 8XD
Country United Kingdom
About (Profile) Glenmornan is the byword for quality in laminated plastics and resin based materials for engineering applications. It was invented here in the UK and its development to meet modern engineering demands continues to keep it abreast of 21st century technology.

Glenmornan is a proprietary brand of non-metallic material used to make engineering components for a wide range of uses. This type of material is known as 'synthetic resin bonded laminated plastic', and is made from layers of paper, cotton cloth or woven glass fibre cloth, dipped in resin, then compressed and bonded together in a hot press. It is a strong, hard material, made in a number of different grades with varying properties and uses.

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